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Everyone wants to feel and smell fresh and clean. But when it is scorching summer heat and you know you cannot escape from sweaty, smelly armpits and white underarm stains in your clothes, you make that extra effort to keep your underarms dry and bad body odor at bay. And why shouldn't you? After all, even you wouldn't like to awkwardly sit or converse with people who are stinking or sweating terribly.

A good smell not only makes you feel clean but also boosts your comfort level and confidence when you meet other people. Fortunately, you can get rid of body odor for good by bathing daily (preferably twice if it is too hot), staying hydrated throughout the day, maintaining a healthy diet and reaching for a deodorant that is best suited to keep you dry and smell nice. Wondering which deodorant is good for you? That is precisely why ladies, I have made this list of top 10 women's deodorants for you. 

The below given 10 deodorants for women are not only some of the high-selling deos for their brands, but the brands themselves too are the most popular and highly reliable ones in the country. So, you can pick among these or look for other preferred fragrances within these brands. 

1) Nivea Fresh Natural Deodorant for Women

Brand Nivea does not need any introduction. It is a very established and popular brand world-wide. Among their many deos and roll-ons for ladies, their Nivea Fresh Natural Deodorant for Women makes to my list, because of its many satisfied users and their positive reviews. 

Very floral, fruity or somewhat strong fragrance in NOT what this deodorant represents. Nivea Fresh Natural Deodorant contains ocean extracts, that refreshes and energizes its users with its mild and smoothing fragrance. This product is skin tolerant, dermatologist tested and claims to give 48 hours of odour protection.

A lot of ladies out there would agree to the subtle, fresh and pleasant feel after spraying this deo. However, the 48 hour claim is untrue. The fresh mild smell holds good for 6-9 hours max. You do not smell bad thereafter, but another round of spray would be better, especially if you are outdoors. A great product from a trusted brand and at a fantastic price. Good for daily use.

2) Engage Women Deodorant (Blush)
Engage Women Deodorant Blush

ITC’s Engage offers 8 women’s deo sprays in the market (Blush, Spell, Drizzle, Tease, Abandon, Trail, Tempt and O’Whiff). Each of these sprays has a unique fragrance and has made their mark among users. However their pink colored, Blush bottle seems to notch a point higher than the others. 

Engage Women Deodorant Blush bottle offers a fragrance that is feminine, soft and is very pleasant (floral/fruity type). It is truly engaging as the product embodies. The sleek looking bottle of Engage Blush also promises to provide 24 hour freshness to the user. Overall, Engage Women Deodorant Blush is a pocket-friendly, nicely packaged and a sweet smelling deo, which stays on your for a good 6-8 hours. Definitely a good bet for this summer.

3) Fogg Fragrant Body Spray for Women (Paradise)

Fogg Fragrant Body Spray for Women Paradise

Kya chal raha hai, Fogg chal raha hai’, this catch-line in Fogg advertisements is well-known to all. Fogg (by Vini Cosmetics) has created a niche in the market since the last 5-6 years and their body sprays are very well-received by both men and women. Among their deos for women, Paradise has been a favorite among many ladies. 

Fogg Paradise for Women is available in many online and offline stores. A 120 ml of bottle ensures its users of 800 sprays, which is commendable. A whiff of this liquid deodorant (no gas), packed in an attractive looking dark purple colored bottle gives out a slightly intense floral smell (not overpowering). Many female users have also appreciated the fact that the smell doesn’t fade away for nearly 6-7 hours and still lingers, even during hot and humid days.

4) Secret Temptation Body Spray (Romance)

Secret Temptation Body Spray Romance

Secret Temptation (by McNROE Consumer Products Pvt. Ltd.) is another well-known brand in the female personal care department. The brand offers a range of products under daily wear deodorants, perfumes, facial wipes and talc to keep the ladies fresh all day. From their alluring body spray collection, some of the most enticing fragrances are Romance, Passion, Mystery, Affair and Play. 

Secret Temptation Body Spray Romance is one of the most loved amongst them. Its striking purple/white packaging, primarily floral smelling scent and good staying power of 5-7 hours is well-appreciated by many. 

5) Dove Original Deodorant for Women

When you think of Dove, you think of bathing soaps, lotions and haircare products that moisturize, nourish and take gentle care of the skin and hair. Dove with their antiperspirant deodorants and roll-ons have taken this gentle care forward by providing fresh, dry and moisturized underarms to their users. Their Dove Go Fresh range is quite popular among many.

My vote however, would go to Dove Original Deodorant for Women, that offers 48 hour long lasting odour protection. This exclusively formulated deodorant cum antiperspirant is a 0% alcohol and paraben free formula. It is also dermatologist tested and enriched with ¼ moisturizing cream to help smoothen, soften and lighten your delicate underarm skin. A lot of women world-over love the mild, feminine fragrance and super fresh feeling they get after using it. It is undoubtedly a skin-friendly deodorant for regular use. 

6) Nike Up or Down Deodorant for Women

Nike is a well-known brand in the deodorants and perfumes department and has high-quality fragrances for everyone to choose from. Some really cool deo fragrances from Nike’s women collection are Trendy, Casual, Up or Down, Extreme, Fission, Original and Scarlet. 

Nike Up or Down Deodorant for Women gets a special mention here. This uniquely fruity/aquatic deodorant is mild and refreshing and leaves a feel good factor when used. What is most amazing is that it is not harsh on the skin and keeps your body odor at bay for a comfortable 5-7 hours. 

7) Yardley London Refreshing Body Spray English Rose 

Yardley London English Rose Refreshing Body Spray

Exotic, floral and feminine is what you feel when you spray any women’s deo from Yardley London. This international fragrance brand offers a good collection of deos and perfumes, to the ladies. Some of their popular women’s body sprays are English Lavender, English Rose, Red Roses, Jasmine, Morning Dew, Sandalwood and London Mist.

Out of these, Yardley London English Rose makes to my list of top ladies deos for this season. Packaged in a pink and white colored floral bottle, this body spray smells as if you are in a garden of roses. It’s really very sweet and makes you feel all rosy and refreshed. In addition to being quite fragrant, this deo stays for about 5 hours max during hot summers, making it a hit among a lot of ladies. If you love roses, this deo is definitely for you. 

8) Spinz ENCHANTE Perfumed Deo

Spinz (from Cavinkare) cannot be missed from the list. Their exciting variety of fragrances for ladies, its easy availability (in both supermarkets and online shopping sites) and affordable prices have made them one of the favorite brands in the country for many. Spinz perfumed deo sprays like Explorer, Exotic, Enchante, Hi-Flyer, Thrillseeker and Achiever among others are known for their distinct fragrances and are a good option during summers.

My favorite among them is the purple colored bottle of Spinz ENCHANTE Perfumed Deo. This deo spray gives you a fresh, slightly strong lavender fragrance. It’s really very good and not at all overpowering. What is more advantageous is that the product is sulfate-free, skin-friendly and also helps fight body odor for 4-5 hours (even during scorching heat). You can pick any one from their array of ladies deos for your everyday use.

9) Adidas Pure Lightness Perfumed Deodorant Body Spray
Adidas Pure Lightness Perfumed Deo Spray

Adidas, one of the largest sportswear brand associated with men's and women's shoes, clothing and accessories also rules the personal care line. Adidas has a good variety of aluminium-free absorbent deos and perfumed body sprays for women. Their perfumed deodorant sprays like Fruity Rhythm, Floral Dream, Pure Lightness and Natural Vitality are quite refreshing and scented, have 0% aluminium salts and are repeatedly used and loved by women all over the world. 

From their wonderful collection, I have chosen Adidas Pure Lightness Perfumed Deo Spray for Women. This lovely deo spray is packaged in a light blue and white bottle and gives out a fresh, floral-fruity smell with slight hints of musk notes. Undoubtedly a refreshing deo for summers.

10) Eva Wild Deodorant Spray
Eva Wild Deodorant Spray

How can I miss Eva from the list! I think, every lady with a budget in mind and a nose for premium fragrances would definitely try Eva. Eva (from TTK Healthcare) offers deodorant sprays that are non-alcoholic, help balance the skin’s natural pH level and aid in providing anti-bacterial protection to the users. Moreover, brand Eva encompasses an extensive range of fragrances like Doll, Exotic, Fresh, Wild, Sweet, Urbane, Flirt to Blush, Dew, Groove, Glee and some more. It’s honestly a consumer’s delight, where they are spoilt for choice.

From all of these, I have opted to highlight the classy black colored bottle of Eva Wild Deodorant Spray. This is because this deo is not your regular mild variant but an intense one (it does not make you breathless). When sprayed it gives you a kind of woodsy/spicy smell, which is different but very good and lasts for about 5-8 hours. Do try it out, when you want something exciting and playful.


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