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Oh no! I got up late again. Would I have to skip wearing makeup today? 
I am in a hurry and want to do my makeup in less than 10 minutes and that too without botching it up. Is it possible?
I usually take 20-25 minutes for my makeup but today I just don't have the time for it. Can I still look presentable enough to go to office?

Hmm...Are you one of those beautiful ladies out there who take longer time than necessary to apply makeup or from the other category who rush doing their makeup everyday and later visit a washroom just to check if the makeup is still intact?

Dear ladies, do not fret when you have less time on hand. Applying makeup in 10 minutes is definitely possible and that too when you are a little stressed up in the midst of wearing your outfit, doing your hair and trying to fit in all the essentials in your lovely handbag. 

With this post I will tell you how to achieve it, by disclosing which products to pick and ditch and some really handy tips when you want to look your polished self in just 10 minutes.

1) Foundation

Preparing your face is very important before you start applying makeup. This can be done by cleansing your face and neck area, patting it dry and then moisturizing it with a moisturizing cream/serum. Moisturizing helps re-hydrate and prep the skin, which will be subsequently layered with your beauty products. So do not skip this step. Let your moisturizer sink in your skin for at least a minute or two while you pick your outfit or maybe sip your tea to save your time.

When it comes to applying makeup, primer is generally the first product one should try and apply. However, when you do not have much time on hand, then just be smart enough to ditch it. Go for the foundation instead.
Maybelline New York Fit Me Foundation

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Application Tip: A powdery compact is easy to use, but when it comes to liquid foundation, many ladies tend to overuse it. Applying a liquid foundation is not at all difficult. To use it correctly, take a bit of foundation on the back of your hand and press your ring finger on it. Dab a couple of dots of the foundation all over your face and neck area. Then take a damp sponge (wet it and squeeze out all the water) and  start spreading and blending the dots, starting from the center of your face, moving outwards. Even out the foundation all over your face, ear and neck area to get a smooth and bright look.

If you prefer a brush instead of a sponge, then buy a makeup brush with synthetic bristles. A tip to remember when using a brush is to move it over your face in circular outward motion as it gives out a smooth and even looking skin tone.

2) Concealer

Irrespective of whether you choose to apply a primer or a foundation, a concealer is still a must. A concealer not only hides your dark circles, spots, redness and large pores but also helps in emphasizing your preferred feature. So, no second thoughts on a concealer. Just GO for it. 

Maybelline New York Fit Me Concealer

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Application Tip: Whenever you want to cover a pimple, a light blemish or under eye region apply a very thin layer of concealer directly on it. Then using a sponge, brush, beauty blender or your fingers, pat and blend it evenly, moving in outward direction. Patting and blending offers greater coverage and also keeps out your concealer from creasing or caking. The golden rule to remember when using a concealer is 'little is more'. Do not use more of it or you are going to look all caked-on, which I am sure you would not want.

3) Loose Powder

A translucent or loose powder helps give your face a finished and polished look. So, do not avoid it. My personal favorite is Lakme Rose Powder with Sunscreen, which I have reviewed earlier and I use the same for dusting it lightly on my foundation base.
Lakme Rose Powder with Sunscreen

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Application Tip: Using a brush (preferably a small kabuki brush) or a puff, apply loose powder, starting from the center of your face and moving lightly around the eyes, towards  the hairline, the edges of the face, ears and neck area in circular outward motion. Do not take more powder, as the circular motion helps buffer the powder into the skin, to give your face a naturally air-brushed look.

4) Blush

Since you are in a hurry, skip the bronzers but pick your blush. A blush would hardly take a minute and on application adds a healthy dose of color and flush to your face.

Makeup Revolution Blush Palette, All About Pink

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Application Tip: 'You look like you are blushing'. And that is exactly one comment you should aim for when you are applying a blush. Irrespective of whether you own a powder, cream or gel-based blush, 'use less and apply lightly' is the mantra. While applying blush with a brush, suck in your cheeks and sweep the blush over your cheekbones and beneath your apples, swirling your hand in a ‘C’ movement to get the best effect. 

If you think you have gone overboard with the blush, then as a quick-fix dust a bit of loose powder over it using your puff or brush, to lighten the effect.

5) Eyeliner

When you are on a mission to complete your makeup in 10 minutes, then you need to stick to one or two eye makeup products. An eyeliner or mascara is most preferred and I completely agree to it. I tend to pick an eyeliner though.
Maybelline New York Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner

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Application Tip: The only tip that I will give you'll here is to invest in a eyeliner that is  long-lasting and waterproof. Go subtle and apply the eyeliner on your upper eyelashes to enhance the shape of your eyes. If you have an eyeliner which can also be used as a kohl (like the product above), then its even better. Your eyes will look sharper and brighter with both the eyeliner and the kohl (kajal).

This tip has nothing to do with eyeliner, but for eye makeup lovers. If you are very fond of eye shadows but you think it will take a bit of your time, then just press your ring finger on your favorite eye-shadow or blush shade (a quick-fix) and swipe it over your eyelids to add color to it. If the color seems too bright, then swirl some loose powder over it to lighten the shade.

6) Lipstick

Makeup without a pop of colour on your lips looks incomplete. You can instantly turn from simple to simply stunning, with a great matte lipstick on hand. Be it bold or a nude shade, no worries. Make your pick, apply your lipstick and you will be ready to blow a kiss when you walk out of the door to face the world.

Colorbar Matte Touch Lipstick, Rose Clair

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Application Tip: I am not going to give you a tutorial on applying lipstick, but definitely a handy tip that I have gained from an experienced beauty enthusiast i.e. keep your lips moisturized. Apply a layer of lip balm to moisturize your lips and then apply your matte lipstick. This makes your lips soft and supple. If your lips appear too dry, then you can also apply lip balm over your lipstick. 

Last but not the least, always carry your loose powder and lip balm in your purse or handbag. Trust me, they are very handy touch-up products that will help you keep glowing even when the day fades off. 

Meanwhile, if you want your makeup done within a few minutes, without making you look gaudy, clowny or old, then do remember to check my other post on 7 Common Makeup Mistakes that can Literally Make You Look Older.


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