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Do you love makeup? Well, most women do. After all, who doesn’t wish to accentuate their features and look all fresh-faced and radiant when they plan to go out.

Makeup can be a wonderful and easy aid to make you look beautiful and also to a certain extent confident in no time. However, sometimes blindly following your favorite makeup artists and actresses or wrongly done makeup or following makeup trends unthinkingly can add years to your face than making you look pretty and young. 

When it comes to makeup mistakes that make you look older, there are 7 very common makeup blunders that most women are guilty of doing intentionally or unintentionally. To know more about them and how to fix it to give your face a polished and beautiful look, do continue reading.

1. Missing on the Moisturizer:

Whether you are in your teens or in your 40s, if I ask you to elaborate about your makeup routine, then you would think of makeup products like foundation, primer, concealer, blush, highlighter, eye makeup products, lipstick, etc. and how you will go about applying them one by one. Isn’t it? 

But where is the moisturizer here?

The right way to applying makeup is typically by washing your face with a cleanser (according to your skin type) and then applying moisturizer on it within a couple of minutes. Application of moisturizer is foremost before makeup. This is essentially done to hydrate your clean and dull skin and also help prep it up for the other cosmetic products you will be using for your face. In addition to this, moisturizing your face will also help your makeup products settle down on your face smoothly and evenly, without your face ending up looking patchy, caked or dry.

In short, NEVER miss applying a moisturizer before applying makeup products.

2. Going Wrong with Your Foundation:

Let’s get to the basics first. Why do you apply foundation? To hide small marks and imperfections on your face? To give your face and neck an even, bright and polished look? If you are planning to achieve both these goals, then it highly advisable to pick a foundation based on your skin type and skin tone.

Believe me, I have read and heard many stories of ladies buying matte foundations, powder, mousse and even liquid foundations after watching tempting advertisements on TV or social media sites or after being recommended about a particular brand by their friend. 

However, what looks great on your friend, might not be the best for you.

Skin Tone -

One of the first makeup tips related to buying foundation is to look for one that is similar to your skin tone. That would be the best for you. Although, for any reason if you have trouble picking the right one, then go for a shade that is one shade lighter than your skin tone. Blend the foundation properly on your face and neck. This will ensure that your face and neck area won’t look tanned or too white post application.

Skin Type -

Regarding picking a foundation according to skin type, beauty experts recommend matte foundations, oil-free liquid foundations and powder foundations for people with oily skin. These foundations work wonders on these skin types by absorbing the excess natural oil from the skin, to give the face a smooth and oil-free matte look.

For people with dry skin, moisturizing liquid foundations and cream/mousse foundations are ideal, as they give the best result. For combination skin type, choosing a foundation can be slightly tricky. The best way to go about it is through mix and match method. Besides this, one can also look for foundations that are neither too oily or have too much emollients in them.

Likewise, as you grow older, the facial skin becomes drier and thinner. To cover fine lines and wrinkles that appear as you grow older, a lot of women start using too much foundation or heavy foundation. However, what happens is exactly opposite. These foundations, instead of covering fine lines end up making your skin drier and exaggerating the signs of ageing on your face. 

To avoid the above scenario, it is advisable that ladies with mature skin avoid matte foundations. Instead, opt for a lightweight liquid foundation or a hydrating foundation or a dewy mousse from your favorite brand. These foundations offer enough moisturisation and nourishment to the skin while giving the skin a bright and even look. Here, I would like to recommend Lakme Absolute Skin Natural Mousse to you all,  as it has found many admirers (especially from India) and has great user reviews. Besides these, BB creams too are a wonderful option for mature skin.

3. Don’t Go OTT with Blush:

A pop of color to your cheekbones can enhance your face a lot. However, choose a dark colour or apply a blush in an incorrect manner and see how your face looks clownish and aged.

When choosing blushes, it is important to know what suits your skin tone. For example, pinks, peaches and plum shades look really great on ladies with pale or fair skin tone while colors like apricot, peaches, mauve and berries give a flattering effect on medium skin tones. For women with darker complexion, soft corals, bronze and even oranges create a sizzling impact. Its ok experimenting with other blush colours once in a while. But do not try to play it cool with darker shades, as your final look might look unnatural or overpowering.

Remember, the key to using a blush, is to use it subtly. Do not overuse it or start from the centre of your cheeks. Also avoid applying or blending the blush below the apple of your cheek. A gentle sweep of (preferably light coloured) blush starting from your cheekbones and blending it to the sides will give your face a hint of colour and soften its appearance instantly. 

4. Not Blending Your Makeup Properly:

One of the most common makeup blunders one tends to make is hurrying with their makeup. Applying foundation haphazardly, then covering pimples, dark circles and scars with a concealer without blending it thoroughly with your facial skin and then immediately adding a bit of setting powder and blush to your cheekbones is simply not going to work.

If you have just a few minutes in hand to do your makeup, then pick only a couple of cosmetic products of your choice but apply them properly. You need not have to hurry through the process and leave traces of foundation or primer on your face that would be visible to others later on.

Blending each of your chosen makeup product correctly and thoroughly before if you pick the next cosmetic product is a very important makeup tip. This will not only help you give an even coverage to your face and neck area but also prevent it from looking whitish or caked in parts.

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5. Don’t Forget your Eyebrows:

Just visualize a lady or a man without eyebrows. How would they look? Wouldn’t he or she look odd? Eyebrows are one of the most important features of a face. They give your face a natural lift while also shaping the frame of your beautiful eyes.

To make eyebrows look pronounced and face a lot perkier, a lot of ladies tweeze, pluck or thread their eyebrow hair. When you are young, it is so much fun and easier to do. However, the real problem crops in as you grow older. Cross your 40s and you will notice your eyebrows getting thinner and lighter in colour. This happens so gradually, that many might miss noticing it.

One of the essential eye makeup tips as you grow older is to give an immediate halt to all the tweezing and over-plucking that you have been doing since years. Instead, go in for threading once in a while, to give your eyebrows a definite shape. Also try and keep your eyebrows thicker. If your brows are naturally thin, then you can groom your eyebrows and create a more fuller and thicker look by using an eyebrow pencil. For a natural and less dark or harsh look, consider using a pencil that is one shade lighter to your real hair color (particularly applicable for brunettes). For blonds, go for an eyebrow pencil that is one shade darker than your real hair color. That will do the trick for you.

6. Go Slow on Shimmery Eyeshadows:

Glittery eyeshadows are an easy way to perk up your eyes. They can instantly jazz up your party look in no time. When you are young, then I say, experiment with various eyeshadows. Try the mattes, metallic, the different shimmers and glitters for your club outing, an all ladies evening party or any other get-together that you are looking forward to.

However, once you cross your 30s, go slow with all the shimmery stuff. Glittery and metallic eyeshadows are eye-popping. But they tend to settle on the creases and pronounce the wrinkles on your eyelids. Nevertheless, if you really love the metallic shades and want to apply them on your eyelids, then mixing and matching is a good idea. Opt for matte eyeshadows for the major part of your eyelids and use the glittery ones for the inner corners of your eyes. This will give your eyes a bright look, without making the shimmer look over the top.

7. Avoid Dark and Tacky Lipsticks:

Lipsticks are eye-catching. They help define the shape of your lips while also drawing attention to it. In fact, lipsticks in their various  colours and shades form an integral part of any one's makeup routine. However, these striking lipsticks, also have the power to make or break your look.

Experimenting with lipsticks is good. But go a little further with dark and bold lipsticks and you will instantly notice the change it brings on your face. And believe me, this change is definitely not good. However, if you are really big on dark and bright lip colours, then ensure that the rest of your makeup is natural and subtle.

Nevertheless, to be on the safe side, stick to lip colours that suit your skin tone. For example, if you have wheatish, olive  or warm skin tone, then try going for lip color shades in red, peach and orange. If you have a skin tone that is neither brown or fair, then try going for shades in red, pink, mauve and nudes. For people with brown skin tone, lipstick shades in red, browns and even purples work very well. For people with fair skin tone, nearly all colours look good. However, lip colours that really work the best for fair skin people are bright red, glossy pink, dark brown, peach and nudes.

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