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Best Body Lotions and Body Butters for Buttery Soft Skin

To keep our skin healthy-looking and nourished, regular moisturizing is vital. This is where a body lotion or body butter comes into play. In case you do not know the difference between the two, then you can read my earlier post - Body Butter vs Body Lotion: Which is Better? 

As colder season approaches, it's the chilly winds and dry air that suck the moisture from our skin, making it look dry, flaky and rough. This is when our skin needs some extra love and care, which a good body lotion or body butter can provide. In this article, we have handpicked the best body lotions and body butters in India. Keep reading to know more about them. 

1. Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Moisture Body Lotion

Get healthy, supple and soft skin all day long with Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Moisture Body Lotion. This product boasts of double-action formula containing glycerin and Vaseline jelly, to give long-lasting and deep moisturization to the skin, even during harsh winter months. Vaseline Deep Moisture Body Lotion is currently one of the best-selling body lotions in India. 
Features & Claims:

* Fast absorbing
* Non-greasy feel
* Penetrates 5 layers, deep into the skin
* Unique formula offers deep moisturization & nourishment
* Has smart pump to unlock & lock without any mess
* Suits all skin types BUT best for dry, rough skin
* Daily body lotion for men and women

2. Nivea Body Lotion

One of the most sought-after body lotions in India is Nivea Nourishing Lotion Body Milk. This mildly fragrant body lotion is enriched with 2 times more almond oil and Vitamin E oil to nourish, repair and protect the skin from within. This lotion offers intense moisturization to reduce roughness and gives your skin a healthy glow for the entire day.
Features & Claims:

* Gives 48 hours intense moisturization
* Rich, creamy formula containing 2X almond oil
* Offers 5 in 1 complete care for healthy, nourished and smooth skin
* Dryness protection
* Non-greasy
* Dermatologically approved
* Best suited for dry to very dry skin
* Daily body lotion for both men and women

3. Plum Body Lovin' Vanilla Vibes Body Butter

Fulfil your dessert cravings with the yummy fragrance of vanilla in Plum Body Lovin' Vanilla Vibes Body Butter. This rich yet light-weight body butter is enriched with goodies like shea butter, Brazil nut oil, sunflower oil and vanilla fruit extract to leave your skin feeling nourished and supple during harsh cold weather.
Features & Claims:

* Lightweight body butter
* Glides smoothly on skin
* Quick absorbing
* Non-greasy
* Offers deep moisturization during winters
* Most suitable for dry to very dry skin

Plum Vanilla Vibes Body Butter is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. It is also free from nasties like paraben, sulfates, silicons, phthalates and animal ingredients. 

4. mCaffeine Naked & Rich Choco Body Butter

If you want to delight your senses with the irresistible aroma of chocolate, then mCaffeine Naked & Rich Choco Body Butter is the best bet. This rich buttery blend and intensely moisturizing body butter is enriched with cocoa butter, caffeine, shea butter and argan oil to leave your skin smooth and supple all through winter. 
Features & Claims:

* 72 hours moisturization
* Non-sticky and fast absorbing
* Heals dry skin
* Nourishes and rejuvenates skin
* Reduces stretch marks and scars
* Adds healthy glow
* Suits all skin types
* Body butter winter cream for both men and women

MCaffeine products are 100% vegan, cruelty-free and PETA-Certified. They are also devoid of harmful chemicals, paraben, SLS and mineral oil.

5. Parachute Advansed Deep Nourish Body Lotion

Get glowing and healthy skin this winter with Parachute Advansed Deep Nourish Body Lotion. This gentle yet deep nourishing lotion is enriched with the goodness of pure coconut milk and 100% natural moisturisers to nourish and soothe the skin for up to 72 hours. Its unique coco lipid formula penetrates 10 layers deep into the skin to restore the skin's lost moisture and repair damaged skin.

The entire range of Parachute Advansed Body Lotions are free from mineral oil, petroleum-based ingredients, silicones, sulfates, phthalates and artificial colors. These body lotions have been formulated especially for Indian skin.

Features & Claims:

* Nourishing & moisturizing
* Contains coconut milk & natural moisturisers
* Non-sticky, fast absorbing formula
* Offers 10-layer deep skin penetration
* Unique moisture lock technology
* 72-hour hydration
* Best suited for rough, dry, very dry skin
* Dermat tested, clinically proven
* Suitable for use by both women and men

6. The Moms Co. Natural Body Butter

Looking for a toxin-free product to keep your skin deeply moisturized? Then check out The Moms Co. Natural Body Butter. This natural and vegan body butter contains the goodness of cocoa butter, shea butter, rosehip oil and sea buckthorn oil to keep skin dry-free and nourished for nearly an entire day. 

Apart from being suitable for all, this body butter is one of the best belly creams for pregnant women and mothers, as it helps reduce itchy and stretchy skin.
Features & Claims:

* Deeply nourishes & moisturizes skin
* Keeps skin soft for 24 hours
* Soothes dry, itchy and stretchy skin
* Promotes skin elasticity and regeneration
* Stimulates collagen production
* Suits all skin types
* Safe for use during and after pregnancy

7. The Body Shop Mango Softening Body Butter

If you love the smell of ripe and juicy mangoes and want to smell like one, then try this intensely moisturizing and softening mango body butter from The Body Shop. What is also fabulous about this brand, is that they offer vegan body butters in many variants - strawberry, almond milk, olive, moringa, argan, shea, etc. So, you can pick the one that suits your skin type the most.
Features & Claims:

* Made with 96% ingredients of natural origin
* Keeps skin protected with 96hr nourishing moisture
* Intensely creamy body butter
* Non-sticky, non-greasy
* Gives a natural-looking glow
* Perfect for dry skin
* Dermatologically tested
* 100% vegetarian and cruelty-free product

8. ST. D'VENCE Winter Edition Ultra-Nourishing Body Lotion

ST. D'VENCE Winter Edition Ultra-Nourishing Body Lotion has been especially created for the harsh and cold weathers. This oil-based, non-greasy body lotion is enriched with tea tree oil, almond oil, olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, aloe vera, milk and jojoba oil. ST. D'VENCE body lotion effortlessly glides and gets absorbed into the skin, to leave it hydrated, healthier, soft and supple.

Features & Claims:

* Ultra-nourishing oil-based lotion
* Contains 100% vegetarian ingredients
* Uniformly penetrates into skin
* Moisture locking effect
* Deep layered absorption technology
* Suits dry, rough and damaged skin
* Free from paraben, mineral oil, phthalates, PEG & PG
* Hypoallergenic
* Cruelty-free product
* Ideal for everyday use

9. Himalaya Rich Cocoa Butter Body Cream

Have 'poore din buttery soft skin' with Himalaya Rich Cocoa Butter Body Cream. This intensely moisturizing skincare product is enriched with the goodness of natural cocoa butter and Vitamin E, to eliminate dryness and leave your skin healthy and radiant. This body cream is rich, creamy, has a pleasant cocoa fragrance and offers long lasting hydration.
Features & Claims:

* Contains 100% herbal actives
* Offers superior moisturization
* Thwarts dryness and dullness
* Light on skin, non-greasy
* Absorbs easily
* Dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic
* Can be used on face and body
* Target audience is both men and women
* Suitable for all skin types

10. Dove Body Love Supple Bounce Body Lotion 

Give your body the unconditional love and care it needs with Dove Body Love Supple Bounce Body Lotion. This plant-based, elasticizing body lotion with its unique nutri-duo formula, goes 10 layers deep into the skin to nourish it from within. Use this body lotion as part of your daily skincare routine to enjoy long-lasting softness and suppleness of skin. 
Features & Claims:

* Made with plant-based moisturizer
* Offers 48 hrs moisturization
* Fast absorbing formula
* Goes 10 layers deep to nourish skin from within
* Gives elasticity to the skin
* Dermatologically tested
* Paraben free
* PETA-certified cruelty-free product

With this, I conclude my list of 10 best body butters and body lotions available in India. These products are budget-friendly, highly moisturizing and readily available in the market. Meanwhile, do let us know your favorite amongst these in the comment section. We would love to hear it from you!

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