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Woah! I am reviewing a product, which is again from Lakme. But honestly that is not going to stop me from writing about my favorite scrub – Lakme Blush and Glow Strawberry Face Scrub. I am writing this review based on my personal five month experience with this awesome strawberry scrub, which is quite effective and as lovely as the attractive reddish-pink tube. 

About Lakme Blush and Glow Face Scrub:

One look at the eye-catching Lakme Blush and Glow Face Scrub tube will clearly show you the words ‘strawberry extracts’ printed on it. Lakme claims that it is a gentle scrub and has 'natural exfoliants known to unclog pores that help remove blackheads, dead cells and excess oil for deep cleaned and smooth skin’.

As a professional tip, Lakme has recommended the user to use this product once a week, using the 3 step process of wash, scrub and mask. In addition to this, they have shown the usage of this product i.e. wetting your face, massaging the scrub with fingertips gently in a circular motion (while avoiding the eye contour) for 2-3 minutes and then rinsing it thoroughly with water and pat dry.

My Review:

My opinion on this product is based on my experience which is very very good. This 50g red-pink colored leak-proof tube is easy to carry. Even if you are going for a vacation or a week trip, you can easily carry this scrub in your handbag and use it anytime.

As for the actual scrub, the tube gives out a white colored, creamy textured scrub with medium sized red/pink colored cleansing particles in them. However when massaged on the face, the scrub blends easily and lathers quite well. A mild fruity, strawberry smell is what you experience while scrubbing and rinsing your face with water, which makes you feel fresh instantaneously. 

I truly appreciate the clean and squeaky result after using the scrub. The scrub works really well for me, since I have tiny blackheads on and around my nose area. A bi-weekly routine of massaging this scrub on my face has helped me to keep the blackheads to the least, along with keeping it soft, fresh and healthy.

For people having pimples and acne, it is best to massage your face with the scrub very gently, as the medium-sized scrubbing particles can tend to be a bit tough on the skin.

As for buying this product, there are many beauty stores in the market where you can purchase it from. Besides them, many online stores are selling this wonderful product. I have recently brought 2 pieces of this product from Amazon, as it was offered at an 18% discount - I bought a single piece of this strawberry scrub for Rs. 99/- only.💕 However, you are free to buy it from Amazon or any of your favored outlets.

My Ratings:

4.7 / 5 👌 & definitely recommended 👍👍👍!!

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