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When I say 'potatoes', you might either think of crunchy chips and fries or a number of ways to cook and consume them heartily. Mash them, bake them, fry them or cook your potatoes in any other way you want, but you cannot ignore these lovely vegetables. Over the last few decades, these stout looking starchy, tuberous veggies have become a staple kitchen ingredient in numerous households world over.

Potatoes contain important nutrients including varied vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and fiber, that are beneficial in preventing osteoporosis, maintaining a healthy blood pressure, reducing inflammation, promoting healthy digestion, reducing the risk of cancer and improving the immune system. However, potatoes are not just limited to consumption and benefit one's health. They also have an added advantage of using them topically to help you get rid of a number of skin issues. 

Given below are five ways in which potatoes can come to your beauty aid very easily and effectually at home.

1. To Reduce Dark Eye Circles and Under Eye Puffiness

Cool cucumbers are not the only home resource to reduce dark eye circles and eye puffiness. Potatoes too are popularly used as homemade remedies in treating and drastically reducing these skin troubles. If you suffer from dark eye circles or puffy under eyes, then make these concerns your priority and start tackling them head on. Drink ample water and have a good sleep of at least 7 hours on a regular basis. Additionally, you can also try a simple home cure using potato.

Sliced Potato Eye mask

For this, all you need to do is peel a potato and cut it into thin, even slices. Refrigerate these slices for about 25-30 minutes. You can either wrap these chilled potato slices in a clean cloth or pat dry the potato slices and place them directly on your closed eyes for about 20 minutes. Subsequently, wash your eyes with water.

2. Works as a Skin Lightening Agent and Cools Sunburns

An inexpensive and easy method to lighten your skin is by using potatoes. And that is not all. Even sunburnt areas or tanned parts of your skin can be treated using potatoes. 

Grated Potato Mask

To use potatoes as a skin brightening and lightening agent, just take one potato and grind or grate it (whichever is easier for you). Rub this ground or grated potato all over your skin and keep it on for half an hour. Wash it thereafter with cool water. Follow this process twice a week for at least a month to see your skin visibly lightening.

3. Helps Treat Acne Scars

Caused due to clogged pores, bacteria and over-secretion of sebum, acne is one of the biggest and topmost skin woes for many. To treat acne and get rid of them naturally, a number of home ingredients can come to your rescue. In case you have no idea regarding this, then I have already written an article on this topic. Apart from the tips I have mentioned in that article, you can also use potatoes to get rid of your acne scars, particularly the small and very small ones. 

Potato Juice for Acne

Potatoes are known to have oil controlling properties and a cooling effect on the skin. Both these properties help a great deal in tackling acne scars and reducing their appearance. To achieve this, grate a potato and extract its juice. Apply this potato juice all over your face and keep it on for 10 minutes. Wash it off with water thereafter. Do this on a regular basis to get rid of your acne scars naturally.

4. Tightens Skin and Helps Reduce Wrinkles

Who doesn't wish to have a face that is wrinkle-free and that looks smooth and tight? A wishful thinking of looking at least 10 years younger than your actual age. So what do you do? Buy and try out different anti-wrinkle creams, lotions and serums along with spa visits that promise a number of benefits but that create a hole in the pocket. Well if that suits you, then fine. However, I would suggest that you to not rely on them completely. Alternative methods to tighten your face and neck area can also be done through facial yoga exercises and DIY skin tightening masks. These natural tips are pretty easy to do, inexpensive and can help a great deal in the long run.

Again, there a number of skin tightening masks that you can make and apply at home. Since we are talking on the subject of potatoes, let me give you a simple recipe. Potatoes are known to have good amount of antioxidants, including Vitamin C. This helps a great deal in naturally tightening your facial skin and effectively slowing down one of the prominent signs of ageing i.e. wrinkles. 

Potato + Milk + Glycerine Mask

To gain this wonderful skin benefit, just peel and grate a potato. Slightly mash this grated potato to form a paste. Add 3 teaspoons of milk and 3 drops of glycerine to it. Blend it well and apply it all over your face, while moving in an upward circular motion. Leave the mixture on your face till it dries out completely and then wash it off with cool water. If your skin is bruised, scaly or super dry, then avoid adding glycerin. Try applying this mask at least once a week for a slim and youthful face.

5. As a Face Pack for Glowing Skin

Stress, pollution, unhealthy eating habit, less intake of water, exposure to harmful UV rays and whole lot of other issues take a toll on one's skin. However, pricey face creams, spa sessions and chemical-laden beauty treatments are not your only solution. Ask any lady and she will let you on a recipe passed down by her grandmother or mother on how she used to pamper herself with homemade face mask. Well, you can visit your beauty parlour once in while but do not discount the wonders of homemade face packs even once.

Potato + Lemon Juice + Honey Mask

To make a potato-based face pack, grate one potato and extract juice out of it. Add 1/2 a spoon of lemon juice and 1/2 spoon of raw honey to it. Blend all these three well. Apply this mixture all over your face and leave it on for about 15 minutes or till it dries out completely. Wash it off with water and pat dry your face. Try this nourishing face pack once a week to hydrate your skin and bring a healthy glow.

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