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It seems nobody is perfect. Everyone faces some or the other kind of skincare or health issues from time to time. For instance, there are number of people who are bothered by dark under-eye circles. No matter how many hours they sleep at night or whatever they do to get rid of them, they still don't go away. 

So what do they do? Try different methods - both home remedies and prescribed medications with an intention to get rid of them. Likewise, many  people use eye cream regularly to reduce the appearance of dark circles or apply a concealer to completely hide them away. Well, that's life. You ought to try every trick and tip to eliminate this very common skincare issue. 
Why Do We Get Dark Circles Under Eyes?

As a general rule, before treating any skin or health issue - we are always advised to diagnose the problem at hand. Same is the case with dark circles. It is important to know what causes these dark circles to appear beneath our eyes before treating them? 

For one, genetics is found to be one of the primary causes of dark circles. That means if dark circles run in your family, then you are more likely to get them too. Though eliminating them completely is not possible in such a case, you can definitely reduce them by adopting a regular regime of proper skincare, sufficient nourishment and restful sleep. 

Likewise, natural aging that makes the under eye skin thinner, poor sleeping habits, allergies, sun damage, fatigue and chronic eye-rubbing are other possible reasons that cause dark circles. If that was not all, then inadequate water intake, excessive screen time that strains the eyes and mineral/vitamin deficiencies due to improper diet can also make the area under the eyes look darker. 

How Do Dark Circles Look Like?

While there can be many contributors to dark circles (as mentioned above), they also seem to look different due to different reasons.

Sometimes dark circles are characterized by bluish or purplish colored skin in the under-eye region. This normally occurs if you are genetically blessed with poor blood circulation or the skin under the eye is very thin. In such a case, the underlying reddish-blue blood vessels are easily noticeable, making the skin look so. This type of dark circle is termed as vascular dark circle and can be easily recognized in fair-skinned people.

On the other hand, in some people the area under the eyes and lids look darker or dark brownish in color compared to their face. This is due to the over production and poor distribution of a pigment called melanin, produced by the skin in that particular region. This type of dark circle is commonly known as pigmented dark circle and usually noticed in people with genetically darker skin tones or mixed race skin.

How to Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Eyes

There are several ways in which people try to eliminate or reduce the problem of dark circles under their eyes. While some of the below-mentioned dark circle remedies might work for you, some might not. Do not be disheartened. Have patience and follow any of the chosen methods religiously - for at least a month to see noticeable results.

1. Cucumber Slices

Occasionally people are found to cover their eyes with cucumber slices. In fact it is a part of skincare routine for many. They feel that cucumber slices not only help refresh eyes but also lessens the appearance of dark eye circles and eyebags underneath the eyes. However the question here is, does this simple home remedy really work?

Well, cucumbers are known for their skin-lightening and cooling properties. They are also mildly astringent in nature. So YES, they work very well in reducing raccoon eyes naturally. To test this method, chop a fresh cucumber to thin slices and let them cool off in the fridge for about 30 minutes. Then place these cool slices on your eyes and leave it on for about 10 minutes. Rinse your eyes with lukewarm/cool water thereafter. Do this everyday for at least a week to see first-hand results.

2. Cold Tea Bags

Some people use cold tea bags as an alternative to cold compress. Studies show that tea offers healing and anti-inflammatory properties due to the presence of caffeine, polyphenols, flavonoids and tannins present in them. When cold tea bags are placed over the eyes, they also help dilate the blood vessels in the tissues around and below the eye region. This helps in reducing dark circles, puffiness, irritation and inflammation of eyes instantly.

To use tea bags as a home remedy for dark circles, steep 2 tea bags in hot water - like you normally do when you make tea for drinking. Remove these bags from water and squeeze out the excess liquid from it. Let them chill in your fridge for about 30 minutes. Once they are cold, place them on your closed eyes for 15-20 minutes. You can also gently massage it over your eyes for better effect. After removing the bags, rinse your eyes with cool water.

Though green, black and chamomile tea bags can be used as cold compress, green tea bags are said to be more effective due to their higher flavonoid content. 

3. Cold Compress

Applying cold compress is probably one of the easiest at-home remedies to tackle under-eye dark circles. This simple action is amazingly helpful - especially for people who have more blood vessels under their eye region. 

For this, apply cold compress (pieces of ice wrapped in a clean cloth) or frozen peas covered in a soft cloth, directly on the closed eye lids for about 10-15 minutes. This will not only help constrict under-eye blood vessels but will also lessen puffiness and dark circles around the eyes.

4. Potatoes

If you do not have cucumbers at home, then turn to humble potatoes. This easily available and inexpensive vegetable has surprisingly good content of Vitamin C (known for skin brightening benefits), Vitamin K, Vitamin B3 and niacin. These all play a big part in combating dark circles, puffy under-eyes and even stubborn pigmentation on your skin. Do not just apply it topically, but also include potatoes in your diet, to get these vitamins well absorbed in your body.

To use potatoes as a dark circle remedy, peel and grate a medium sized potato. Use this grated pulp to extract potato juice in a small bowl. You can use this juice immediately or let it cool down in the fridge for about half an hour. Then, soak a cotton ball in the potato juice and apply it over and under your closed eyes. Leave it on your eyes for about 20 minutes. Wash it thereafter with cool water.

5. Almond Oil + Vitamin E Oil

According to some clinical studies, sweet almond oil is better suited to our skin than any other oil. Almond oil is made up of many important nutrients like Vitamins A,  E and K, omega-3 fatty acids and zinc. Besides this, almond oil offers anti-inflammatory and emollient properties. That is why this oil is often massaged on skin to improve complexion, hydrate it and smoothen uneven skin tone. In short, almond oil is great for dark circles, puffiness and reducing wrinkles. 

Though almond oil can be used alone, when mixed with Vitamin E oil it becomes all the more effective. Vitamin E has antioxidant properties. This not only helps lessen UV damage from the sun but also gives anti-ageing benefits.

To reap the benefits of both these oils, mix equal quantities of almond oil and vitamin E oil (for example 3-4 drops each). Before going to bed at night, apply this oil mixture to the region under your eyes and gently massage it to build up blood circulation in that area. Keep it over-night and wash it off the next morning with cool water. 

6. Tomatoes

Another very easily available food essential in our kitchen are tomatoes. These deliciously fleshy fruits are not just used to increase the flavor of various savory dishes but also used extensively in DIY skincare remedies for a softer and supple skin.

No doubt tomatoes are healthy. They are power-packed with antioxidants, Vitamin C, A and B, lycopene, beta-carotene and many other healthy nutrients to lighten, rejuvenate, tighten and even out skin tone.

To reap these benefits from tomatoes, mix 1 tablespoon of fresh tomato juice with 1 teaspoon of lemon juice in a small bowl. Apply this mixture in your under eye region and leave it for 15 minutes. Rinse it off with cool water thereafter. Besides this, drinking a glass of fresh tomato juice with a dash of mint and lemon juice, will also help you towards a better health and skin.

7. Sleep More But Elevate Your Head

If you sleep late at night, have irregular sleeping patterns or suffer from insomnia, then you are bound to be tired. Sleep deprivation makes the skin look unhealthy and pale, which in turn makes the dark circles and eye bags look more pronounced. And the easiest and cheapest way to thwart this, is by aiming for 7-8 hours of restful sleep everyday - preferably at night.

While on the subject of sleeping, try and sleep on your back, with a pillow under your head for elevation. This is because sleeping on the side or stomach may result in the accumulation of excess body fluids under your eyes, which causes puffiness and the under eye region looking darker.

8. Cut down Salt + Increase Water Intake

Adding common salt to our food is important. However, if you regularly eat meals and processed foods that are high in common salt, then you need to cut it down immediately. Over consumption of salt (sodium content) in the body can lead to water retention, aggravating the appearance of your under eye region. And the simplest way to counter this, is by reducing salt intake in our foods and increasing water intake.

To inculcate the habit of consuming more water daily, you can follow a simple trick that I read online and follow it too. Measure the amount of water you consume by buying 1 liter bottle - exclusively for you. Then try and drink at least a liter of water before lunch and a liter thereafter. Believe me, you are sure to drink at least 2 liters of water everyday by this method. 👍 

9. Eat the Right Food

Though these reasons are true - do not always blame lack of sleep, stress and fatigue for your dark eye circles. Most of the times it is diet that is the biggest culprit. Not eating nutritive food often causes deficiency of essential vitamins, iron, minerals and other important nutrients that leads to dark circles under your eyes. 

To help remove these stubborn circles, consume food rich in iron, lycopene and Vitamin C, E and K. Some fruits and vegetables that are particularly high in these nutrients are green leafy vegetables, lentils, beans, bell peppers, citrus fruits, guava, cauliflower, cabbage, watermelon, papaya, strawberries, tomatoes, corn, almonds, raisins, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds, turnip green, broccoli, avocado, asparagus, eggs and fatty fish.

10. Apply an Eye Cream

Since the skin around and beneath the eyes are thin and delicate, you need to give them extra tender, love and care on a regular basis. Applying eye creams or serums to treat puffiness, eye bags and dark circles has proved beneficial for many.

However, before buying a good eye cream or serum, check the product's ingredient list. Look for one or more of the following ingredients in it - retinols, peptides, Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), Vitamin E, Vitamin B3 (niacinamide), caffeine, hyaluronic acid, and kojic acid. These ingredients work well to - brighten and lighten the under eye region, fight free radical damage, hydrate and protect the region below the eyes and stimulate collagen production to restore elasticity in that area.
Again, there are some really good eye creams available in the market. The St.Botanica Pure Radiance Under Eye Cream featuring Vitamins C, E and B3, hyaluronic acid, argan oil and frankincense oil and Re-equil Under Eye Cream are two amazing products in dealing with dark circles, wrinkles, eye bags and puffiness. The Moms Co. Natural Vita Rich Under Eye Cream with roller has also some really good reviews from users. You can have a look/buy any of these or other under-eye creams here.

To wind up, I would say that getting rid of dark circles, including puffy eyes is definitely possible. However, you need to be patient and consistent with your efforts. Apart from following any of the above home remedies - sleep more, eat nutritious food, exercise and cut down on smoking and alcohol. All these together will not only help you get rid of dark circles under your eyes faster but also permanently.


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