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She is 55? Just look at the gorgeous pictures of Madhuri Dixit Nene on her Instagram handle and you will be amazed at how youthful she looks. The Dhak Dhak Girl even today with her infectious smile, elegance and captivating persona looks not a day older than 35.

My favorite actress of all time credits her toned figure and ageless look to following a disciplined lifestyle, eating healthy and taking extra care of her skin and hair. Though she loves the 'bare minimum' look, Madhuri says that it is not possible to escape regular makeup as her job in front of the cameras requires her to look a certain way.

This dancing diva often keeps her fans updated about her personal and work life through her official YouTube channel. In one such video tutorial, she shared her everyday makeup routine, along with some handy tips and tricks. For makeup enthusiasts and also fans like me, it is a treat to know her beauty secrets. 

Given below is the step-by-step guide on how Madhuri creates a flawless and everyday natural makeup look within a few minutes.

Photo: Madhuri Dixit/YouTube
1) Moisturizer

Madhuri begins her makeup by applying her favorite moisturizer all over the face. She used upward strokes of her fingers to gently massage in the moisturizer. Madhuri believes that a moisturized face helps in blending the makeup very well into the skin and hence this step shouldn't be missed. 

2) Prepping the Under Eyes

The next step in Madhuri's daily makeup routine is prepping the under-eye region. Using her fingers and a dot or two of eye cream, Madhuri dabs and blends it gently under her eyes. She waits for 2 minutes thereafter. This special undereye prep takes care of puffiness, bloating and swelling under the eyes, caused to due to insufficient sleep or tiredness.

TIP: There are many undereye creams available in the market. Madhuri suggests that you test a few for allergy before zeroing in on one.

3) Setting the Base

A very important step for any makeup look is setting the base. Madhuri separates this into two - the under-eye region and the entire face. She uses a liquid concealer for her under-eye region while the rest of the face is set using a liquid foundation.

a) Concealer:

Unlike most of us, Madhuri does not directly apply the concealer under her eyes. Using a makeup mixing palette for hygienic purposes and also to know how much makeup she applies on her face (a great tip indeed), she dots and dabs the concealer from the inside to the outside of the under eye. She used a medium-sized brush for doing this. 

The concealer takes care of discoloration, dark circles, pigmentation if any and also makes your under-eye region look more bright and even.

TIP: Madhuri repeatedly stresses her makeup mantra of 'Less is always more'. She says that it is always better to use less quantity of any makeup product as it prevents the face from looking 'caked up'. Additionally, it is also easy to add on a product slowly than to remove it later.

Photo: Madhuri Dixit/YouTube
b) Foundation:

Once the under-eye region is set, Madhuri takes two pumps of her favorite liquid foundation and dots it all over her face. Again - she uses minimal foundation and blends it gently all over her face using a blending brush. Madhuri generally takes half a minute to blend the foundation into her skin, as it makes the final makeup look smooth and not patchy.

TIP: Do not forget the neck region she says. Just like your face, apply a bit of foundation and blend it well in your neck area too.

c) Translucent Powder:

Now that the base is set, Madhuri says it is important to brush some translucent powder all over the face to set the makeup in. BUT... just a little to give that polished look for the face and neck region. 

TIP: Madhuri advises not to go overboard with the translucent powder or your face would start looking dry after some time.

Photo: Madhuri Dixit/YouTube
4) Defining the Eyebrows

Madhuri believes that our eyebrows define the shape of the face. Using an eyebrow brush, she gently brushes her eyebrows to show their natural shape. She then fills the sparse gaps with a very dark brown shade of brow powder and then using the spoolie (which was at the other end of the brow brush) she brushed and removed the excess for a natural-looking effect.

5) Eye Makeup

Madhuri has a 3-step eye makeup routine. She attains her daily open-eye look by using an eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara. 

a) Eyeshadow:

She used a soft brown shade of eyeshadow and brushed it all over her eyelids to create a crease. 

b) Eyeliner:

Next in line was an eyeliner. Madhuri used a dark brown gel eyeliner and applied it very close to her eyelash line. Then she smudged it using a brush to enhance her lash line and give it a natural look.

For the lower lash line, Madhuri used the same shade of eyeshadow that she used earlier and slightly smudged it.

c) Mascara:

Before applying the mascara, Madhuri used an eyelash curler to curl her lashes. She advised her viewers to be very careful while doing so. She then applied little mascara on her curled eyelashes using upward strokes.

TIP: Madhuri recommends using as less mascara as possible or it would make your lashes look clumpy.

6) Bring on the Blush

To give that natural blush, Madhuri mixed two lighter shades of powder blush (she used very little and dabbed out the excess from her brush) and applied it to the apple of her cheeks.

Photo: Madhuri Dixit/YouTube
7) Lipstick

The last step to Madhuri's makeup look is adding color to her lips. She used a pencil lipstick (that is close to her natural lip tone) to line her lips. Follow your natural lip line she said. Madhuri further went on to fill her lips with the same liner. She then applied a good-quality lipstick (similar shade as the lip liner) to complete her natural makeup look.

You can check out Madhuri's everyday makeup routine video below: 

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